The Inspection

Our specialized cleaning truck and technician arrive at your curb on the day after garbage day. We inspect the cans for any loose debris, place the bins in our hydraulic lifter arms, and begin our eco-friendly cleaning process.

Trash & recycle bins are smelly, dirty breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and maggots. Without proper sanitation, these problems can only get worse.

Our Process-Cans

the cleaning cycle

Your cans are lifted up and placed over high-pressure washing heads. They rotate 360º at high speeds using 200º hot water. This allows us to fully reach and clean all corners inside your cans. With ZERO chemicals, this 30-second cycle eliminates over 99% of bacteria, grime and other stinky pests built up inside over time.

Cleaning your own trash can could get you covered in bacteria! Cold water from your garden hose may not adequately sanitize your bins and, trying to do it yourself, could lead to significant water runoff which could be harmful to your neighborhood and environment.

Your bins are clean.No mess left behind.

After our equipment completes this cycle, we return your bins to the curb, where they are inspected and deodorized by our service technician. Finally, you will receive a message from us letting you know your bins have been cleaned!

We have perfected the sanitation process in the creation of our proprietary self-contained cleaning system. Your bins will thank you…and so will your family. Enjoy a cleaner home, starting at your curb.

Our Process-No Mess Left Behind

How the schedule works

We offer a monthly, quarterly or one-time cleaning service. About 70% of our customers choose our quarterly service. Shortly after signing up, you will receive confirmation of your first cleaning date. We also provide a friendly customer portal so you can easily view your upcoming service dates, pause if on vacation, or change service frequency in just a few clicks.

We offer



One time